Traditional Medicine in IRAN

Traditional medicine (طبّ سنّتی : pronounced Tebb-e Sonnaty in Persian) is the most important Alternative or Complementary medicine in IRAN.
According to this type of medicine all things (alive or not alive) are created from four General elements:

  1. Fire that is Hot
  2. Water that is Wet
  3. Earth or Soil that is Dry
  4. Air that is Cold
All the Animals are created from four Special elements or Health mixings (اخلاط : Akhlat). These are related to the General elements as below:
  1. Blood (خون : Khoon) that is Hot and Wet
  2. Bile or Yellow Bile or Billis or Choler (صفرا یا زرداب : Safra or Zardab) that is Hot and Dry
  3. Lymph or Phlegma (بلغم : Balgham) that is Cold and Wet
  4. Soda or Black Bile or Atra Billis (سودا : Soda) that is Cold and Dry

Nature and Temprament (مزاج : Mezaj) of animals including Human is the result of mixing of these four special elements. Healthy human has balance between these elements; any imbalance results in diseased nature and ill person:

  1. Hot - Bloody nature
    A bad tempered person with fever, red and flushed skin and tongue, congested gingiva, sweet flavour in mouth, headache, yawning, numbness, slow movements, skin blisters and rashes, and pain in extremities.
  2. Hot - Bilious nature
    A person with yellow skin, tongue and eye, bitter flavour in mouth, dry tongue and nasal mucosa, severe thirst, fever, dry coughs, weakness, and low appetite.
  3. Cold - Phlegmatic nature
    A person with white and soft skin and body, indigestion, bloating and regurgitation, increased sleep, numbness, increased saliva, watery nasal discharge (coryza), and without thirst.
  4. Cold - Atrabilious nature
    A depressed person (with melancholy) with black skin and slim body, black thick blood, dyspepsia and epigastric pain, pseudo-appetite, increased thinking, and without thirst.
  5. Wet - Hot - Bloody nature
    An edematous person with signs and symptoms like Hot - Bloody nature.
  6. Wet - Cold - Phlegmatic nature
    An edematous person with signs and symptoms like Cold - Phlegmatic nature.
  7. Dry (Costive) - Hot - Bilious nature
    A slim and dry person with signs and symptoms like Hot - Bilious nature.
  8. Dry (Costive) - Cold - Atrabilious nature
    A slim and dry person with signs and symptoms like Cold - Atrabilious nature.