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Dr Jafar Alavy Toussy graduated as a pathologist (MD) from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran. He worked as software administrator for the Avapardaz Company in Tehran, and informatics manager for Semnan University of Medical Sciences. He currently works as a pathologist and lecturer in the pathology department of Semnan University of Medical Sciences. He is additionally working as pathologist and chief technical officer for Khatam-ol-Anbia Lab in Semnan, Iran.

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System analyst, Database administrator, Programmer and Web designer
Design and Analysis of Research projects
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Semnan University of Medical Sciences

Pathologist - Lecturer
Researcher - Computer, Statistics, and Methodology consultant
Informatics manager of Education and Research deputies
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Computers in Biology and Medicine Journal

Member of Editorial board
CBM Edirorial Board
Elsevier Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing - year 2014
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Informatics in Medicine Unlocked

Member of Editorial board
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