Desktop Diagnosis

This system is designed by ASP.Net and VB.Net and can be installed on Windows Server based web hostings.
The system goal is to use different Satistical models resulted from Research projects and Medical references. Models usable by the system include CutOff, Regression and ANN models.
The system uses different Approaches including Diagnosis by Disease and Diagnosis by Factor.
The system uses AJAX to speed the process.
It can use SQLServer and Access Databases.

JavaScript Desktop Diagnosis

To decrease the cost and needed resources, DesktopDx_JS is created:
     It is totally based on JavaScript and AJAX.
     It is DataBase-less; it uses NoSQL DB mostly as XML documents.
     It is open source, any one can creates her/his models, only with basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript coding. Any statistical method or algorithm that can be coded by JavaScript can be used in this system, including multi-step algorithms using different Models or Logics.
     Any one can install different versions of the WebApplication on the simple Hostings for different populations including regular peoples and specialists.
     The Environment of the WebApplication designed simple, so it can be used in Mobile phones too.

DesktpDx Demo
DesktpDx Help